Put simply, Franklin Mountains Friends is a 501(c)(3) set up to help the Franklin Mountains State Park with a variety of projects, from assistance funding projects to raising awareness of the park, and also helping to identify and best utilize the amazing support of volunteers from this border region.

We'll have info very soon to explain how to join our organization. Please stay tuned to our social media for those announcements.


To engage the community in support of the mission of the Franklin Mountains State Park by creating opportunities for stewardship of the park’s cultural and natural resources and fostering an understanding of and appreciation for the ecological and historical significance of our mountains.


The purpose of this corporation is for the receipt, solicitation, administration and disbursement of gifts, grants, bequests or other conveyances of real and personal property for the benefit of the operation and maintenance of Franklin Mountains State Park, to provide information regarding the park and its resources to the public, and to assist in conserving the resources of Franklin Mountains State Park.

  • Building and engaging a membership base.

  • Supporting education services to foster a culture of stewardship, which includes maintenance and preservation of the Franklin Mountains State Park.

  • Supporting the education of residents and visitors about the natural environment of the region, including the flora, fauna and geology of the area.

  • Gain support from other organizations in the community.

  • Recruiting, managing and coordinating an ongoing corps of volunteers to assist with the projects designated by the Franklin Mountains State Park.


We are a binational collective of stewards helping one of the world’s largest urban state parks in whatever way we can. We happily provide our time, talent and financial support to foster a vibrant outdoor culture.